"People might call us crazy, and maybe rightfully so. Who in their right mind leaves the comfort of their home for the sole purpose of going outside and walking? If you think like that, then feel free to stop reading here . But if you, like my team and I, feel a calling to the outdoors, to a world of endless possibilities and countless experiences, then welcome home. I founded Terra Venture for one reason. I love nature, and I wanted to help others get in touch with their natural environment. Together with my team, who are truly the salt of the earth, we have created trips and expeditions so that you can find that one destination that you've always wanted. Happy travels!"
Eoin Murry
CEO and Founder

Terra Venture is an Irish international expedition company. Based in Dublin and running since 2005, Terra Venture has brought thousands of Irish explores to the four corners of the world. We organize, oversee and execute hiking trips, in varying difficulty and length all around the planet. All our trips depart from Dublin airport, where your expedition leader will meet you. Our groups are small, whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you are bound to meet extraordinary humans, and we are proud to be part of some long lasting friendships.



The Dolomites

Located in northeastern Italy, the Dolomites, Italy's dramatic rocky rooftop, are the best mountains in Europe for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. The hard cold cliffs and snow- covered spires, towering over flower-carpeted valleys under clear blue skies offer a matchless, powerful and long lasting mountain experience. The mountains differ from their big brother, the Alps because of their geological build. Dolomite, the dominant rock type, forms strait vertical cliffs of gray, pink, and white rising from lush valleys and pastures.

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The Greater Caucasus

It always surprises us how many people visit Georgia, admire the churches, cave towns and wine but never set foot in the mountains. It is the equivalent of a visit to Switzerland without the Alps. The Greater Caucasus, the heart of Georgia, are arguably more dramatic than the Alps, certainly taller, teaming with flora and fauna, some of which are endemic to the region. The Svaneti district of Georgia is regarded as the most authentic as well as having some of the most dramatic walks in the Caucasus. The climb up from nearly any village is to enter a realm of towering white peaks, overlooking valleys lost in a sea of flowers, the stone towers of the villages rising out of the morning mist.

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Fjords and mountains

Norway never ceases to amaze. From the majestic fjords of the coast, to the sky scraping mountains and clear blue lakes of Jotenhime, and the winter wonderland of Troms in the north, Norway is a year round playground for any who wish to get in touch with their wild side. Home to the legendary Vikings and their Nordic culture walking through the valleys they were raised in truly makes one appreciate what an affect the landscape has on a people.

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Pirin Mountains

Motherland of one of Europe's great civilizations, home of Balckan Christian Traditions and birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet, in many ways Bulgaria is one the Balkan's untold success stories. The Pirin Mountains are the wildest, most picturesque range in Bulgaria, with 45 peaks over 2590m, deep valleys, karstic massifs and more than 200 glacial lakes. Snowcapped for much of the year and subject to powerful winds and storm (not when we go there) that the early Slav's were convinced that thunder god resided in the mountains.

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At 5896m, Mt Kilimanjaro holds many titles. Highest peak in the African continent as well as on of its more majestic sights, highest free standing mountain in the world and one of our all time favorites. From cultivated farmlands on the lower slopes, the mountain rises through dense rainforest, alpine meadows and a desolate moonlike vista to the twin summits of Mawenzi and Kibo. No knowledge of climbing is required to accent Kili, our expert team takes care of all the details to ensure you enjoy your moment of triumph atop the summit.

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Darwin remarked that although all of the islands share similar geological origins, weather and environment, each isolated isle possessed its own array of unique species. The volcanic islands are the sole residence of many intriguing animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Giant tortoises, marine iguanas, flightless cormorants and a diversity of finches roam freely on the islands, but be prepared to experience.

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A star riddled sky and snarled grasses dwarf the rider on his steppe as his horse closes the gap on the horizon. In South America's southern frontier, left to its own devices grows deep, wild and beautiful. Spaces are large, as are the silences that fill them. For those that come here, the encounter with such emptiness can be as powerful as the sight of jagged peaks, pristine rivers and dusty backwater. The paving of the RN40 is well under way, but no of the charm of this legendary road is lost in the process. The map will tell you that Patagonia is a large place, but experiencing its vastness is spellbinding.

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With its rich historic and cultural heritage, Jordan is a fascinating country to explore. In the heart of southern Jordan's Sahara Mountains lies Petra, capital of the Nebateans, masters of the desert. This remote desert strong hold has caught the imagination of travelers ever since its rediscovering in 1812 and few ever forget the first sight of the treasury, glowing in the sunlight. To the east resides Vadi Rum, a moonlike highland strewn with sandstone towers and rolling dunes. Inhabited solely by Bedouins and having no light pollution, Vadi Rum is a must for any stargazer.

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Our amazing and passionate team

From the first stages of preparation up to the moment you step back safely through your door. In addition, our enthusiastic and professional expedition leaders are the best of the best when it comes to making your experience unforgettable. They are with you every step of the way to listen and help the team overcome any obstacle. Even more important than the staff's rigorous training and qualification process, the passion they bring to every expedition is the true secret to our trips' success.

Our customized tours and 24/7 medical assistance

We constantly update and adapt our trip itineraries to suit each group and their specific needs. Moreover, all our expeditions leave with a designated doctor from Ireland, regardless of destination or difficulty of the expedition. Fully equipped and properly trained, our doctors can treat any scenario in the field, from minor headaches to life saving procedures. No summit is worth life or limb, rest assured, your safety is our top priority.

Our outstanding local guides

Local guides join all of our expeditions, giving you insight on the local culture and environment and help you to feel like part of your surroundings. Our local guides are hand picked and fully qualified to insure you get the most out of your trip.

Our support of local businesses

We support local communities. A local support team accompanies all our expeditions; we try to use small businesses and companies for food and accommodation. We hire local cooks and porters.

Our prices! And attention to detail

Our prices are (nearly) all inclusive. We take care of everything, including flights, accommodation, transport, food (our cooks will make sure you experience the local food scene although we also make dishes that are more "western". We are equipped to cater for all food requirements). Not included are visa's (when required) and any vaccinations needed (your team doctor will explain exactly what you need).


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